Rich Dziemela is GHE’s shipping and receiving clerk–and so much more. A lifelong Chicagoan, Rich has had an illustrious career managing warehouses. We joke that he is human warehouse management software, but it’s true! Rich has so much data committed to memory that he often works faster than our computers.

Rich was drafted by the Oakland A’s in the 1970’s and played minor league baseball. Rich is still a big sports fan and always good for updates on how Chicago’s teams are doing. He told us that if he could meet one person in the world, it would be Babe Ruth. Perhaps we should start calling Rich the Great Bambino of GHE! Actually, a lot of us call him Popeye!

When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Rich said, “It’s building good working relationships with the customers and employees. They know they can count on me.” They sure can! He treats everyone with respect, honesty and integrity. His manager Don Goldman told us, “Rich is reliable, conscientious and detail oriented.” And Fulfillment Associate Jackie Robles added, “He is always willing to help me with anything I need him for. He is a very hard worker!”

Rich never holds still, so even when he’s home you’ll likely find him in his pool. His dream vacation is on a beautiful tropical island doing a little snorkeling. I’m not sure Rich knows how to relax! But he does know what’s important. Rich is a true family guy who enjoys spending his time with them as much as possible. He lives by the motto, “Keep your life simple.”

Our days at GHE aren’t always simple, but at least one thing is–GHE is so incredibly fortunate to have Rich, our Great Bambino, our Popeye,on our team!