Chris Christou is a new but familiar face at GHE. He previously worked for us 2013-2016 and lucky for us, he rejoined us in early 2022!

Chris is our Assistant Program Manager, supporting a variety of our clients. He works on our product distribution for direct installations and utility kit programs. Chris starts his day here at 6am, so he’s well into his work day when the rest of us show up. He’s our main point of contact with all of our direct install technicians, receiving and picking their measure orders. Chris works hard but knows how to have fun doing it. He lives by the Golden Rule of treating others as you wish to be treated and is a realy joy to work with.

When he isn’t working, Chris is hanging out with his dog Ella and his wife Katie. He’s an avid gardener and is always up for some good conversation about what is–or isn’t–growing in the yard. In fact, Chris enjoys the outdoors as much as he can. He and Katie enjoy camping, hiking with Ella and being in the woods. He said if he could choose to be anywhere right now it would be backpacking in Yosemite!

Chris has a real knack for problem solving and helping his clients reach their program goals. His great sense of humor has gotten through many a stressful situation. And his super power is maintaining a positive outlook, even in the most stressful situations. Now you can see why we asked him to come back to GHE! Check out this great picture of Chris and Ella hanging out together.