Zero Waste

Our Zero Waste Event services are focused on reducing the amount of waste generated and disposed of at every home, business, and community event. The goal is to capture and divert 100% of the compostable, reusable and recyclable materials from landfills.

Municipal refuse contains about 75% of compostable material, and aerobic composting is a more natural process of handling solid organic waste treatment. The end product is compost that is often applied as a useful soil enhancement to replace chemical fertilizers. Many municipalities and citizens groups have implemented recycling and composting alternatives to landfilling and combustion of waste.

Implementation Plan
The key to planning a Green Event or Party is to set zero waste priorities early in the event planning and incorporate them into as much of the event as possible.  

Trained Master Composter and Zero Waste Advisory
Our sustainability management experience includes collaborative design and implementation of waste reduction strategies. We consult and assist with the successful roll out of compost and recycling programs for local schools, businesses, municipalities and residences.

For more information, contact Maria at or (708) 557-5276.