For the past four years, Green Home Experts has filled income eligible kit orders that are distributed through community action agencies and social service agencies. We’ve shipped over 150,000 kits on pallets to agencies throughout the state, usually 100 to 500 at a time. Our delivery staff have driven our GHE fleet thousands of miles to get these kits delivered. And that’s exactly what we were doing at the start of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all. Like the rest of the world, we shut down our kitting operation for a few weeks and ran a skeleton crew for our essential operations.

When we were able to (gladly) welcome our staff back to the kitting operation, we did so with one major pivot. Since April, every kit has been shipped directly to the end user via FedEx Smart Post. Smart Post is a cost effective method of shipping kits that teams up FedEx with the USPS. This ensures safe, no-contact, trackable kit deliveries. Our delivery team is now 100% dedicated to making deliveries for our commercial division.

Proving yet again that we have the best staff in the world, our Warehouse Manager and her assistants have gone from palletizing kit and loading them onto our truck, to individually labelling each box and preparing it for FedEx pick up. You’d be amazed what goes into a pickup! Our VP of Operations (and her trusty spreadsheets), Warehouse Manager, assistants, and FedEx staff have made this pandemic pivot very smoothly. Nimble, versatile, resilient, persevering and dedicated are a few words people have used to describe our team while going through this transition.¬†We are delighted to still be able to serve our customer and the thousands of deserving people who receive these kits.