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The Simply Conserve eenergy efficient surge protector uses advanced technology to save you money on electric bills. The surge protector automatically switches devices on or off when it detects whether they are being used or not. There are 7 total outlets, 4 of which are dependent upon the 1 master - when the master is in use so are the 4 energy saving outlets, when it's not in use they turn off. Ideal for use with personal computers or entertainment systems. With 1050 joules of protection, your electronics will be guarded from lightning surges as well as line abnormalities and line noise.

  • 8 surge protected outlets - Safely turn one AC power outlet into 7 surge-protected outlets with our 15 amp power strip adapter. It features 4 Energy-Saving outlets, 2 always-on outlets, and 1 Master outlet that work in sync to power your devices.
  • 1050 Joules - these surge protectors come with 1050 joules of protection with a clamping voltage of 400 volts. Your electronics will be safely guarded against Lightning surges as well as line abnormalities and line noise once you plug them in.
  • Protects electronics - plug your TV into the master outlet with your Bluray player, game system, stereo and speakers plugged into the energy-saving outlets. Now all phantom power is cut off when the TV is off. It also works great for your computer.
  • Lighted power switch - our Energy-Saving powerstrip is designed with a power switch that conveniently lights up when turned on. This allows users to easily monitor if their surge protector is on or off.
  • Etl certification - the energy-saving surge protector is ETL certified and Listed. The ETL mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

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