Niagara Conservation Commercial Showerhead


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Niagara Conservation showering products are highly efficient and affordable. All Niagara Conservation hand showers and showerheads come with a patented internal pressure compensator which enables a consistent output and flow of water regardless of available water pressure. Niagara Conservation products are preferred by professionals and consumers alike because of their ability to conserve energy and water without sacrificing quality. Additional finishes and gallons per minute available.

  • 1.5 GPM flow rate is highly efficient without sacrificing performance
  • 1-function showerhead offers a powerful and full spray
  • All metal construction
  • Patented pressure compensating technology guarantees a power, consistent flow rate regardless of available water pressure
  • Tamperproof or vandal resistant showerheads cannot be removed or installed without includes special key
  • Ideal for rentals, hotels, motels or public facilities where tampering, theft or removal are of concern
  • Niagara Conservation showerheads are respected in the conservation industry for their performance and durability

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