This morning I heard actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy on a podcast. She mentioned that, despite her stardom, she’s always ready to pitch in on set with moving furniture, getting coffee, and doing the grunt work that many stars believe is below them. Then Melissa (yes, we’re on a first name basis) said she believed it was the Midwesterner in her that made her that way.

And maybe it’s the Midswesterner in all of us at GHE that makes us that way. I often joke that our customers are the brainiacs, and we’re the ones who do the grunt work. That joke minimizes the incredible amount of energy and strategy, systems and passions, that go into what we do. But the fact of the matter is that we take pride in being the boots on the ground for our customers. Technically, boots on the ground means ground troops who are on active service in a military operation. For us, it means GHE provides the labor and infrastructure to meet our customers’ needs.

Need lights delivered to a loading dock on Lower Wacker? You got it. Need a few thousand kits delivered to an agency in Rock Falls? We got you. Have a rush order on specialty showerheads for a correctional facility? It’s on our schedule already. Looking to train your installers on setting up smart thermostats? Let’s set up a Zoom. Having a hard time engaging customers for your program? Send us the call script, we’re charging our phones.

We believe in the power of our customers to create the demand for our work. And we know that our customers can’t follow through on their programs without us. That’s why we always stand ready to serve our customers–new and existing–with our boots on the ground.