Don Goldman is our Data Specialist and has been with GHE for 3 years. He has spent most of his career in lighting and electrical distribution and is instrumental in our product distribution work. During his time at GHE, Don has helped us navigate some serious challenges. First he helped us upgrade our systems for processing customer orders which shortened customer lead times, increased our profitability and made everyone involved much happier! At the same time he wowed us with his amazing attention to detail, product knowledge and follow through. Don’s to-do list never goes unchecked, which explains why he says the only thing he can’t live without is coffee!

Then the next challenge he led us through was the start of the pandemic–how do we safely receive our shipments and get orders out to our customers? We figured it out as a team. And then we were given another jolt when people started returning back to work and everyone seemed to need their orders ASAP–at the same time that supply chain issues were giving us trouble, or at least trying to.

Earlier this year we started a wonderful program as the product distribution partner for a direct installation program. That was the smoothest launch in company history, thanks to the phenomenal oversight by Don and supported by Chris, Jessica and Colleen.

Don’s favorite part of his job is using creativity to solve problems. His superpowers are definitely his attention to detail and organization. He is a huge Beatles fan who especially admires John Lennon for his talent and unique perspective. What an interesting parallel, since so many people on our team lean on Don for his talent and unique perspective too!

If he could pick somewhere to travel to right now, Don would pick Las Vegas. But you’re more likely to find him hanging out with his daughter and her family. A true Chicago sports fan, Don suffers through the highs and lows of all our teams. Hopefully he doesn’t take any chances on them in Vegas, since there seem to be a lot more lows these days.

Don’s words to live by are “Enjoy what you’re doing and treasure each day. Most of all, treat others with respect.” Doesn’t that tell you a lot about the guy? And why we are so glad he’s on our team?