Being a mom is wonderful training for being a business owner. In both roles I manage personnel, finances, schedules, daily operations and emergency responses. Managing staff has made me a better mom, too. It’s provided me with a more thorough way of seeing my kids as whole people and not just as my children. On the other hand, being a mom has also given me a broader perspective as a business leader.

I regularly tell our clients that we work to support their success. We pride ourselves on helping our clients be successful in their programs and operations. Even when the outcome isn’t what we’d hoped, we at GHE reflect on our role in the work and hopefully we can be proud of our efforts.

I have had the pleasure of celebrating some major successes with clients this year, and it feels amazing! I love to win, and recently I’ve been reminded that I love watching our clients win too. We would never take full credit for their victories, but we are proud of our work in helping make it happen. We’ve felt major losses alongside our clients too, and we hurt for them. Just like a fan loyal to their team, we feel their losses deeply.

This year is the first that my kids have played tackle football. So my days are spent driving all over to practices and games, sitting on hard bleachers, doing even more laundry…you know the drill. While I’m not on the field four days a week like they are, I still have a role in their success. So I feel their wins and losses deeply. I hurt when they hurt, and I’m always cheering for them. In other words, it’s just like being at work!

I’ve journeyed through three football seasons this fall–my oldest son’s, my middle son’s, and the team my husband coaches. I’m with all of them through the anticipation, competition, injury, celebration and defeat. I love the comraderie amongst the team and the brotherhood they’ve developed with their teammates. Basketball was my sport for many years, and I loved playing. Now I know being a spectator can be just as fun–and it’s easier on my knees!

So much of this echoes through the building at GHE too. Our teamwork, comraderie, anticipation, competition, celebration and defeat. Our GHE team is working right alongside our customers, sharing their strategy and goals. Some days we leave the building so tired, feeling like we’re coming off the football field. But just like my little athletes, we look forward to coming back for more!