We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary all year long! This month, we reflect on 15 reasons to love GHE. Just 15? It was hard to whittle the list down to 15! So here we go:

1) We are resilient. We’ve weathered a housing market crash, The Great Recession, and COVID-19 pandemic.
2) We value our employees and have many initiatives to express our appreciation throughout the year.
3) We are versatile. We thrive on doing what seems undoable.
4) Over 95% of our work comes from referrals from other customers.
5) We focus on our customers’ pain points. We are always asking, “How can we support you?” and “How can we make this a success?”
6) We work hard. Wear your running shoes when you visit us and see if you can keep up!
7) We have fun! Not a single holiday or birthday passes without celebration here.
8) We support many area non-profits with donations of time, money and resources.
9) We host monthly Healthy Workplace challenges to support our staff’s mental and physical wellness.
10) Standard operating procedures guide all of our work. This enables us to deliver steady, uniform results despite unforeseen challenges.
11) Quality control and quality assurance are a vital component to every program we work on.
12) We know we must achieve total customer satisfaction before looking to grow our customer base.
13) We are a jobsite for several area transition programs and job training programs, helping people develop their employment skills before entering the job market.
14) Communication is key. We keep each other–and our customers–in the loop so that everyone is rowing in the same direction.
15) We love what we do!